End the silence.

I just came back from attending this conference event on ‘Behind the door, ending the silence of domestic violence.’ 

I thought it would be a good thing to attend seeing as  half of my job starting next month will involve assisting victims of domestic abuse. However, most importantly I really wanted to go for myself. I rarely come out and say that I have witnessed, engaged, and have been a victim of  domestic violence. I have experienced it emotionally, physically, and verbally throughout my life.

When it came time to actually drive my vehicle and head over to the event…I was nervous, hesitant and thought back to when my supervisor mentioned about possibly being triggered by hearing others speak of their experience. Triggers, I thought to myself… my triggers. Its been so long to when I gave my full awareness to all my triggers. Deep down, I know domestic violence, any form of abuse is a huge trigger for me.

It had happened so long ago or what seemed to be so long ago. I count the years in my fingers and it has been 7 years. Sometimes I feel as if I have blocked it out and now is all a blur.. But tonight made me realize how close and dear to me the subject of the matter is. How I am still myself and sometimes can be fearful or extremely cautious in certain aspects of my life because of what had happened.

What I have learned from tonight, from the people  I met, to the speaker who shared her story… Is that I have grown tremendously the past few years from my experiences. I am so much stronger, smarter, and beautiful.  I rarely  give myself this credit. I am a kind and lovely woman inside and out. I will continue to grow and learn more about myself. This was something I did not have when I was 21 years old.

Tonight and all nights, I will bask in my self love and self worth ❤



For assistance, visit The National Domestic Violence Hotline: