3 years, 3 days, and one green coin.

Today marks my 3 years and 3 days of being clean from meth, marijuana, and alcohol.

Say what!!!??

It blows my mind that I was dependent on these mind altering substances, hit rock bottom, lost friendships and relationships…. and now..

I am free from it.

I also find it interesting that the only coin I had received was the green one. The 3 months that seemed like forever….

To sit and just think about how that green chip of a coin is so significant in my life.. regardless to where it is right now (probably in a jewelry box, packed in a purse, that’s packed in another box, somewhere hidden in the closet). That was 3 months of hardship and recovery..

That I will forever remember. 

I no longer go to meetings, nor do I have a sponsor at this time.. but I still abide by what I learned. Who knows I might go back to doing so. That’s the great part of the program, they are always there.

For now…. I bask in this wonderful awareness of how far I have come and how good I feel. 



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