I had a journal that I use to religiously write in. I wrote anything and everything, but most importantly I wrote in it what I was ‘thankful’ for.

So I will do so again, on here! And this is not because Thanksgiving is approaching and we are all thankful in the month of November. This is more so, for me and everyone to take a step back from our busy, chaotic lives, and jus be THANKFUL.

You can see it as an exercise or a daily or life reminder, whatever you may like. I just remember when I did it I felt sooo good afterwards. As if what I thought was my end of the world was just no big deal, compared to how far I’ve come! Hope it can help others 🙂

Listing 3: I am thankful for . . .

– My freedom, as a woman and person of color.!!

– Having 2 wonderful pets!

– Being able to share my life with my partner, whom I love dearly ❤ !


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