Words seem to label me,

when I want them to enable me.


Brown skin.

Black hair.

W H E R E  A R E  Y O U  F R O M ?

Not this again.

Oh hell                                       no!

Get the Fuck out of my face!

IF you really want to

get to know me.

Don’t try and show off to me.


to be all smooth, calm,


Asshole. People.

If you really want to know me,

talk to me,

get to know me.

Ask me about


About love,

about struggle,

about drugs..

and maybe just maybe

about the men I’d tell you

about the men I’ve fucked.

I’ll let you in,

I’ll let you know.

But if you only care about my

skin color..

Then I must say no.


2 thoughts on “Judged

  1. I love this!!! So many people judge by our “covers” and don’t know anything about the person inside.

    Absolutely beautiful!

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