Can Ya Dig It?!

It’s always good to do something active with the people you love. It’s fun, it’s exercise, and quite beneficial for happy relationships! 🙂

Yesterday, my partner and I got down and dirty in our front yard! All G-rated folks, we started building OUR FIRST GARDEN ❤

I dug the beds for the garden. As Indy (his dog),  frolicked around me wanting to play.

I was tired, frustrated, and sweaty because of the  hot sweltering sun glaring in my eyes. Indy all over me wasn’t helping… But I managed to crack a smile after hydrating myself :]

Brannon (My Partner/loved one), chopped the wood and constructed the garden frames!

After hours of digging, chopping, assembling, and yelling/arguing  (because of our dehydration and lack of compliments on each others work, OUR WORK). We we’re done and all smiles 😀

 Info on our garden:

  • We used untreated cedar wood.
  • Measured 3 x 6 frames, 2ft apart.
  • Purchased Eco-friendly weed control landscape fabric.
  • We shopped at Lowes and watched this pretty helpful video!


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