Lets COOK!!!

“The appetite is sharpened by the first bites.” ~Jose Rizal (1861-1896)

I believe cooking calms my nerves, tantalizes my senses, and soothes my soul 🙂

Last night, I had a craving for some of my Aunt’s Empanadas.  Sadly, I no longer live with my Aunt…Therefore, I had to go online and search for suitable recipes. Plus, since I can’t eat meat made due with some Boca burger for protein. I found one that looked easy enough and this was the end result!

It was delicious, but not as yummy as my Aunt’s recipe of course.

Later, I went back on the site to watch the instructional video (which I hadn’t in the beginning because I felt like I didn’t need to. Pffftt!  I can read) and it was extremely disappointing and appalling to hear the narrator whom was speaking was OBVIOUSLY not Filipino.  There was even some exotic music playing in the background that I thought was just wrong to even add.

I will not be going to that site anymore, nor will I give it credit by naming them on this post.  >=(

I will call family and nag for recipes before I have to submit to someones opinion on how My People’s Food should be cooked.

This left a bitter taste in my mouth, BUT has inspired me to dig deeper for answers.

Ps. Recipe can be found here:



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