DAY 27

A problem that you have had.

Accepting my beauty, my inner beauty.

We live in a society today where women have to be picture perfect. Even now, with technology still reaching its peak and the social networking  right on your finger tips… It’s hard to believe you are truly beautiful when there is the media propagating women with artificial enhancements, waxed/hair less bodies like babies, and fully covered with un-natural make up.

I have always had problems in accepting my brown beauty. My light in the winter, dark in the summer Filipino skin. There are times when I am proud and happily don’t care what others may think. However, there are also times when I feel as if my beauty isn’t beautiful enough.

When this happens…I stop myself with these negative, incorrect thoughts, that are not mine. I remind myself I am more. I have the skin of my Filipino people. The eyes, lips, nose, and smile of my family bloodline. Most importantly, I have my inner beauty…my heart of infinite passion, love, and drive. 


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