DAY 01

Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

I am not single. I am currently in a what use to be long distance, now long term, and finally happily together relationship.

Brief story:

There once was this girl who was heart broken by most of the men she dated. She finally came to the conclusion she had to take care of herself and didn’t need to depend on having a relationship to fill that void of sadness in her life. Therefore, she continued to live her days not searching for love but just taking the time to love herself. Throughout this process, she had undergone several challenges of addiction, countless therapy sessions about her traumatizing past, and attended support group meetings that helped her tremendously with empowering herself. She began writing to others as a form of therapy, she established pen pals around the world, and one particularly in the U.S. Though  there were connections made throughout all of them. The one in Florida formed some deep meaning towards her. Gradually, there came random unexpected days with emails and letters in the mail from this particular person. Then anticipated phone calls that lasted for as long as 6 hours because of endless rambles about each others lives and goals. She slowly began to fall in love with this man. She was scared and fearful of it all. But made the decision to wait and give it a year. A year passed and they still stayed strongly connected more than ever.  Then the day to visit him arrived. She lived in WA and he in FL. She knew how  insane this whole entirety of a pursuit this was. However, she also knew how deeply  in  love she was and just had to take the risk.

In order to change and grow, we all must take the risks we are encountered with in life.

This recent summer we road tripped cross country together. Though I will very much miss the Pacific Northwest, I slowly am adapting to this Sunshine State called Florida. I have a life long partner and look forward to the growth we’ll experience together.

The Grand Canyon


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